Down Ampney Primary School

Our vision and values

Our Vision

Down Ampney C of E Primary is a well-respected and much-loved primary school that prides itself on being part of the local community in the heart of the South Cotswolds. We care deeply for every child, and through a focus on positive values ensure that everyone achieves their best. We aim to develop inquisitive, independent and confident young people who are equipped with all the skills they need for their learning journey through primary and secondary school and beyond.

We strive to achieve the very best for all our children. We also work closely with local communities, parents and our local cluster of partnership schools and value highly the ideas, developments and feedback they give.

When you visit our vibrant school you will see children who are engrossed in their learning, and who are proud of what they produce. If you take the time to talk to them they will gladly share their learning and will tell you about the exciting topics that, for them, bring learning to life. Our curriculum is based around themes that enthuse and engage, and children of all ages work with their teachers to create learning that excites and prepares them well for each step they take.

We base all that we do on positive values and work hard with the children to give them the understanding and skills they will need as they step out from Down Ampney C of E Primary  into the world. They leave us as confident individuals who are learning to understand their responsibilities for living alongside others in our modern British society. We expect our pupils to take a wide variety of pathways throughout their lives and these pathways are equally valued. We expect our pupils to strive to be the best they can be whilst leading fulfilling, purposeful and giving lives.

Values Statement
Being motivated, thinking positively, working hard and achieving to the best of our ability is a key part to our school. With this in mind we aim to create within a Christian framework a safe, caring and respectful environment where everyone develops a sense of responsibility, and is polite and well mannered.

We encourage each member of our school community – children, teachers, parents, and governors – to work as a team, encourage fairness and justice and persevere to fulfil their potential.

Our vision is that every child should leave our school with strong moral and spiritual values, an enquiring and inquisitive mind, high expectations for themselves, tolerance and respect for others, and a range of valuable and transferable skills.

Down Ampney C of E Primary School Aims
    • all children will have belief in themselves and will be inspired to learn. They will know and understand what they need to do next so they can achieve excellence;
    • all children are provided with challenge within a broad and balanced curriculum which will enable all pupils to grow intellectually, creatively, physically, emotionally and socially;
    • all pupils will experience high quality, passionate and purposeful teaching and learning – encouraging and enabling all pupils to fulfil their potential;
    • staff appointments are of the highest quality, investing in and developing them;
    • children are treated as individuals;
    • all children are supported;
    • all children are expected to achieve well;
    • staff are passionate about finding ways of doing things better. This requires an unremitting focus on learning, development, and progress;
    • high-quality leadership and shared leadership promotes, supports, and sustains the drive to perfect teaching and maximise learning;
    • all pupils are provided with stability, consistency, skills, and opportunities so that everyone can go on to lead fulfilling, successful and giving lives;
    • positive partnerships with parents are established to reinforce consistency of approach between home and school;
    • the local community and the school work together and build a common sense of purpose to raising standards further and providing learning opportunities;
    • coherent and agreed policies are set for the school including the implementation of the National Curriculum and the local Programme of study for Religious Education;
  • the school manages its resources effectively in order to meet the school’s aims.